Ashley Terrill

Core Manager, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Area of Expertise
I have over a decade of sales and marketing experience. My goal is help MakerGirl connect with a larger audience of people who identify with its mission and will further support MakerGirl in achieving it's goals. I would like to support MakerGirl's efforts in social media, fundraising, and driving further engagement from it's community of backers.

Why you're passionate about getting more girls interested in STEM
I grew up in a small town in Texas where most of the women I looked up to were stay at home Moms. With so few women in my life to look to for advice around choosing a career, I did what many women do and pursued a career where I knew women who were successful. I studied Communications at University of Texas where the program was about 90% women. Many of my fellow female classmates at UT were studying alongside me, or pursuing education or nursing degrees. As I reflect on my career, I have no regrets but its clear that my lack of exposure to women in STEM fields impacted my choices. I was always excellent at math, but I didn't see where the opportunities were for me to apply that skill into a long term career. I think women, especially those in rural areas would be more likely to study STEM fields if they were exposed to women's success stories in those fields, knowledge of the increased wages they might experience in their lifetime in these careers, and real life examples of how exciting those jobs could be. Women aren't just great educators, medical providers and PR professionals. They can be great software developers, entrepreneurs and technology innovators. I want every young girl in the world to know that she has options, and can be whatever she wants to be.

Your advice for little kids (girls) to be successful
There so many possibilities when it comes to choosing a career but first its important to get to know yourself. Find those subjects that you find interesting, or ones that you are naturally really good at. Where might those things converge into a field of study and where are the top professionals in those fields working? Do your research and try to talk to as many people as possible about their experiences in those fields. Soon enough you will likely find something that inspires you. Don't forget to start early using the tools LinkedIn has built specifically for students around exploring career paths, universities and getting to know the people in your network who can connect you will knowledge and opportunities. More info here: