Elizabeth Engele

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Elizabeth Engele is an original co-founder who graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor's of Business Administration Degree with concentrations in Supply Chain Management and Marketing and a minor in Technology & Management. She is currently working for LinkedIn in their Business Leadership rotational program in the San Francisco Bay area. She is very passionate about discovering and using her own skills in creative ways to better the world which is why she is interested in business and specifically, social entrepreneurship. She created the MakerGirl concept because it enables young women to collaboratively explore how fun STEM fields can be, and it serves as a guide for parents to inspire their daughters to pursue these fields. It is her hope that MakerGirl helps girls realize that they can do anything with knowledge and a willingness to follow their unique passions. In her free time, Elizabeth loves to travel, cook, bake, read, and run. She has a twin brother and grew up on a farm in Southern Illinois.