Today’s makers.
Tomorrow’s life changers.

Brings 3D printing
to life

MakerGirl sessions are for girls aged 7-10 and are led by university STEM women. All of our sessions teach young girls 3D printing, while also teaching them about women leaders in STEM fields, innovative companies, cutting edge technology, and much more. We want your MakerGirl to come to our session and depart wanting to actively participate in any and all parts of STEM!


Inspire girls to be active in STEM


Girls live and dream as unstoppable forces that say "Yes" to the challenges of the future which leads to gender equality in all workplaces

Who is a MakerGirl?

A MakerGirl is an up and coming force to be reckoned with. As young girls, they learn to think and act for themselves, and they gain the skills to pursue “impossible” challenges in life. As they grow, supported by the MakerGirls around them, they become the driving impact towards equality and diversity in both educational fields and workforces.


Please sign up for all of our sessions in Champaign, Southern Illinois, and Chicago via Eventbrite. Please be cautious when signing up for sessions due to the different locations! For information about scholarships please email We want every girl to attend our session, so we look forward to providing you with assistance.


Illinois MakerLab
The Business Instructional Facility
515 E Gregory Avenue Champaign, IL 61820
Room 3030

Enter via the east entrance and use the stairs directly after the first set of doors to your right for easiest entry. We are working with Illinois MakerLab, which is a co-working space and the world's first business school 3D printing lab.

Today’s makers.
Tomorrow’s life changers.