Noah Isserman

University of Illinois Visiting Asst Professor, Business Administration + Social Work Director, Social Innovation at Illinois Faculty Director, iVenture Accelerator

Area of Expertise
MakerGirl’s mission — and team — are inspiring. I’ve been lucky to work with them since day zero (or perhaps day -30), both in courses and in the iVenture Accelerator, in which they won a spot (I abstained from voting).

Why you're passionate about getting more girls interested in STEM
Humanity has a dazzling array of thorny problems to solve — we need all on hands on deck.

Your advice for little kids (girls) to be successful
Ask a million questions! It will help you learn about people and places and problems that make you feel excited, or mad, or happy, or fascinated. Then ask grownups to help you find out more. And you can do a ton all on your own, too. You’re smart and can do things that matter right now — you don’t have to wait until you’re older!