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MakerGirl Goes Mobile: Inspiring girls in STEM nationwide

MakerGirl roadtrips across the U.S. to inspire girls

This summer, MakerGirl will embark on a roadtrip to inspire 7-10 year old girls across the country to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields through 3D printing sessions. During our road trip MakerGirl will be visiting small towns and large cities across the U.S. to encourage young girls to become active participants and leaders in STEM fields.

MakerGirl was created in the October of 2014 to combat the problem of gender inequality in STEM fields. Since its inception, MakerGirl has held more than 70 sessions and taught more than 525 girls in Champaign, Chicago, and Southern Illinois.

MakerGirl strives to reduce the gender gap in STEM fields and create a world in which girls live and dream as unstoppable forces that say yes to the challenges of the future. MakerGirl’s 3D printing sessions teach girls about different STEM related topics, encourage girls to build anything they envision, and provide girls with female role models and mentors. In just 90 minutes, MakerGirls are introduced to the exciting world of STEM and shown what they can accomplish in that field. Each MakerGirl leaves the sessions with a sense of purpose and confidence as well as a 3D printed object that she herself conceptualized and designed.

“As a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Business, and mother of two daughters, I am excited to see this program grow. My girls thoroughly enjoy the MakerGirl sessions. In addition to providing project based learning in the STEM areas, this program promotes female leaders and entrepreneurs. This program plants seeds that will create the next generation of change!” --Kelly Duitsman Loschen, MakerGirl Mom & CPA

“We have two little girls that have an itch for knowledge and the need to create; to be able to scratch that itch through a STEM program surrounded by other girls who have the same itch is wonderful. We are thankful to the MakersGirl program for opening their minds and allowing them to dream about the future.” --Kevin Hambly, MakerGirl Dad & Head UIUC Women’s Volleyball Coach

By travelling across the country, MakerGirl will widen its continuously-growing impact and influence girls in areas that may not have as much access to STEM-inspired learning opportunities.

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