Reflections from a New MakerGirl

Maryam Siddique is a new member on our MakerGirl campus team this year. Below are some thoughts from her first session.


I think the best way to show when I love MakerGirl is through an anecdote from my first session. During some sessions, we have surveys that we ask the girls to take before and after the lesson. It helps us to figure out how to improve our lesson plans and really inspire the girls to pursue careers in STEM. One question on the survey asks the girls "what they want to be when they grow up." I remember one girl calling me over and asking how to spell flight attendant.

During the session, we talked about space and constellations. All the girls’ 3D designed and printed a space related object. After our MakerGirl session, the same little girl called me over. I figured she needed help spelling flight attendant again however, instead she asked me “What is someone that works with technology?” I was so surprised but also really excited that this girl had loved our 3D printing session so much! I told her there were many jobs that worked with technology like engineers, scientists, etc. and when she was older she could pick something specific within the technology field. Working with all the girls who attend our sessions is amazing but, specifically that is a moment I will never forget. I am so glad I joined MakerGirl this semester.