A Semester Recap: Fall 2017

by Mary Hadley

This past semester I led two MakerGirl sessions, these included our Halloween session and the Stars and STEM session. I not only enjoyed welcoming new faces to our sessions but seeing girls so passionate about their creations they came for another session. There were three girls that came to the Stars and STEM session that were previously at our Halloween session. At the Halloween session while their 3D models were printing, they dreamt about having their own chocolate 3D printing company and who would serve in each role. They then discussed more of their plans at the Stars and STEM session. It was inspiring to see how our sessions sparked more than just creativity through prints, but to other dreams as well. These girls were inspired by something as small as a 3D print to know they can do anything, even create a small business when they all put their minds to it. I cannot wait for more sessions this upcoming semester and see what creative minds walk through our doors!