Exploring New Frontiers: MU Spacebot Session

by Shachi Solanki

Last semester, MakerGirl did something it had never done before; we collaborated with MU to host a Spacebot session. The Spacebot session was a twist on the traditional MakerGirl sessions. Instead of inspiring girls to pursue STEM through 3D printing, with the help of MU we were able to inspire them to pursue STEM through the process of building and programming their very own robots!


The Spacebot session spanned two days. On the first day, the girls came in and built their robots. They got to take their robots home and add some finishing touches, and a week later they brought their robots back for the second day of the session. Day 2 was all about programming their robots. With the help of their parents’ phones, the girls programmed their robots to light up, dance, and speak through the MU app. The excitement on their faces was truly priceless, and as someone that programs almost everyday of her life, seeing them get excited about coding was an extremely humbling and memorable experience.

Overall, the Spacebot session was a success and we are fortunate enough to be offering another one this semester. For the girls that attend our sessions regularly, it was a refreshing change that introduced them to a new area of STEM. Artificial Intelligence is rapidly growing field, and these young girls got their first taste of it by attending our Spacebot session. A MakerGirl doesn’t only know how to 3D print – a MakerGirl can do anything she sets her mind to, including programming her own A.I.