by: Mary Hadley

MakerGirl is proud to now be a featured nonprofit that is a part of the CLOZTALK community. CLOZTALK is an apparel company whose mission is to help nonprofits build brands and promote causes through their clothing.

“We created CLOZTALK to help awesome causes grow their brands! It is always free for nonprofits and our designers take the logo of an awesome nonprofit, like MakerGirl, and create their webstore for apparel,” Jonny Imerman, Co-Founder of CLOZTALK said. “In repping the MakerGirl logo, people begin to see and recognize the brand and, wearers are encouraged to articulate the mission and purpose to others.”

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CLOZTALK sells 13 types of apparel. Their idea is to have people feel good while repping the causes and wear them as much as they can. They also strive to spark a conversation about nonprofits and different causes through their CLOZTALK truck. By talking face to face with people they can let more people hear about their Cause Partners.

We are so excited to team up with this amazing company because we usually only have apparel for our team members and now have this is a great opportunity for people to be able to buy MakerGirl shirts, hats hoodies and more! CLOZTALK donates 20% of the proceeds back to the causes, so by buying their apparel it will also help MakerGirl. We want to help them reach their goal of seeing a world with everyone wearing cause-based clothing. MakerGirl loves to start a  conversation about how to change the gender gap that exists in STEM jobs and we love that CLOZTALK is committed to continuing conversations about great causes.

“We also created CLOZTALK to make it cool to wear charity apparels and feel good volunteering for a charity by simply rocking its logo to a Cubs game, walking on Michigan Avenue or at the gym,” Imerman said. “Over time, charity brands will grow. We learned this lesson from experimenting at Imerman Angels for years and realized that ‘rockin’ the T’ of a charity logo in a busy city center like Chicago was the driver that got our brand out. Wear because you care and go MakerGirl!”

Be sure to check out our CLOZTALK apparel on and rep MakerGirl wherever you go. Share the link with anyone who wants to support driving change for young girls.