Bring STEM Into Your Home

With STEM/STEAM being a popular topic of conversation these days, especially as it relates to kids, it’s no surprise that there are tons of apps, toys, and websites out there that promote STEM/STEAM learning. Here are some of our favorites!


Designed by our friends at The Inventery, Inc. for all ages and skill levels, the Morphi app combines the fields of 3D modeling, 3D printing, and AR. The applications are truly endless, use it for everything from simple creative endeavors and 3D design to animation and product design. It is an excellent tool for classrooms and individuals alike and as an added bonus you don’t sign up for an account or even need Wi-Fi!


One of our personal favorites, Tinkercad is a free 3D design website for all ages and skill levels. It offers several tools including a new design-with-code option called Codeblocks. With tons of tutorials and educator resources, it is a great tool for classrooms but can also be used for tinkering at home. Plus you never have to download any software!


The brain-child of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT Media Lab, Scratch is a free website that encourages kids to think creatively and systematically as they design projects such as games and animations through simple block coding. With plenty of tutorials and guides, there is no experience necessary to begin. Plus it’s free!


As seen on Shark Tank, Toybox is a small 3D printer that allows you to print toys from the comfort of your home. With options to browse through a library of designs or create your own, the options are seriously endless. Don’t let the word “toy” mislead you, Toybox is fun for all ages!

Makey Makey

Makey Makey is essentially a keyboard that turns anything that conducts electricity (think bananas, Play-Doh, and tinfoil) into an interactive touch pad. Create cardboard arcade games, interactive art museums, banana pianos, and so much more! It is super simple to use and it can even be used with water!