Beauty + Brains: Why the Next Generation of Female Leaders won’t be considered ‘Pretty’

by: Rachel Berg


“We are world leaders. We are designers. We are scientists...We are huge contributors to society. We are supposed to be treated like an equal gender but how can we become equal if we are given all this extra homework of being very thin and completely flawless in every single way.”

–Jameela Jamil


This quote is by Jameela Jamil, a British actress, model, presenter, and activist. Jamil fights for gender equality and isn’t afraid to be honest about where society needs to improve. MakerGirl is just one organization in a movement to decrease the gender gap in STEM fields. While the amount of girls encouraged to become scientists, engineers, leaders, mathematicians, and researchers is increasing, more work needs to be done.

The next generation of female leaders won’t be considered ‘pretty’. This past February at MakerGirl, the HQ team brainstormed adjectives to describe a MakerGirl.

The next generation of female leaders will be driven and headstrong. They will be respectful and reliable. Leaders are collaborative, creative, and hardworking. The next generation of female leaders are curious, ambitious, proactive, entrepreneurs.