MakerGirl Board of Advisors

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Greg Nance

I joined the BOA so that girls across the country, including my  nieces Hannah and Anora, can become MakerGirls and be inspired by the marvels of science and technology. 

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Nick Timmons

From the moment I first heard of MakerGirl's pilot session, I knew this was going to be a formative program for my daughter. So it has proven to be, and I'm happy to do my part in giving back to an Organization which has been so amazing Addy's technical competence and creative confidence! Now, to deliver the same results for thousands more MakerGirls and future #GirlBosses.

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Pree Walia

MakerGirl is not just a nonprofit or college club organization. It's a movement of smart, creative and inventive girls and women working to empower the next generation of female technologists. I'm humbled to call myself a MakerGirl and even more proud to be a part of this incredible and resilient team