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Check out the following resources for at-home STEM and maker activities!


  1. 3D Printing Activity Sheet

Learn about additive manufacturing and 3D printers with this activity sheet. See answers below.


1. Additive manufacturing is the process of building an object layer-by-layer. The 3D printer reads data from a computer aided design file to add layers of material until the object is complete.

2. Plastic, metal, concrete, chocolate, and more!

3. First the material is heated up, then the design is traced, and slowly the object is built layer by layer.

4. 3D printing can be used to make prototypes, airplane parts, prosthetics, houses, clothing, and more! These are just a few fun examples…the possibilities are endless.

2. DIY stem activities

Check out the following links for a variety of DIY STEM activities:


3. The ella project

Our friends at The Ella Project created a comic book called Ella the Engineer to share with young girls the importance of software development, coding, and engineering. Join Ella on her adventures into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and download a pdf version of the book here.