A MakerGirl is someone who is creative and uses your own mind. Today I learned never give up.
— Adele, MakerGirl
We have two little girls that have a itch for knowledge and the need to create; to be able to scratch that itch through a STEM program surrounded by other girls who have the same itch is wonderful. We are thankful to the MakerGirl program for opening their minds and allowing them to dream about the future.
— Kevin Hambly, Former Illinois Head Women’s Volleyball Coach
MakerGirl helped our Girl Scout Brownie Troop achieve the innovation badge by joining us for a custom program and translating STEM into digestible terms as well as practical applications. The girls raved it was their favorite program of the year and are eager to have a future session! Thanks, MakerGirl, for inspiring future leaders.
— Christina Burns, Brownie Troop Co-Leader
STEM = awesome! Thanks MakerGirl for the amazing experience and making me want to learn more.
— Ava, MakerGirl
She furrows her brow and says, ‘Daddy, I’m NOT your baby girl. I’m a MakerGirl!’ It’s cute, but also a rather powerful statement. She successfully self-identifies as a future builder of technology.
— Nick Timmons, MakerGirl Advisory Board Member
As a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Business, and mother of two daughters, I am excited to see this program grow. My girls thoroughly enjoy the MakerGirl sessions. In addition to providing project based learning in the STEM areas, this program promotes female leaders and entrepreneurs. This program plants seeds that will create the next generation of change!
— Kelly Duitsman Loschen, MakerGirl Mom