Makergirl University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Team

 Mary is a senior studying Chemistry at UIUC

Mary is a senior studying Chemistry at UIUC

Mary Hadley

Managing and Curriculum Director 

I joined MakerGirl to help change the stigma around girls in STEM. The girls continue to inspire me every session! Some girls come to our session see tinkercad and immediately think they will fail, we have to change their mindset by giving them a creative push. The girls who think they are going to fail at the beginning sometimes end with the most creative project from the session. It is so inspiring to see them persevere and love to learn about STEM. I love to show girls that at time of self doubt  they can do anything in STEM and hope it sticks with them as they age.

Olivia Cole

Internal Director 

I joined MakerGirl because the mission was something I agreed that we needed! I always hear parents, and sometimes other ChangeMakers, say that they wish that there were programs like this for girls when they were growing up. Either they think it would have greatly impacted their life and education/career choices, or they think it would have helped someone else they know. Since working with MakerGirl, I'm less intimidated by industries that I never felt represented in. Everyday I see my MakerGirl colleagues (and session-goers!) break boundaries in school, work, and even within MakerGirl sessions. They inspire me to reach and dream for more, and that I am as capable and worthy at any job as anyone else. My goal is to be this inspiration to the girls that attend our sessions as well!

 Olivia is a senior double majoring in Marketing and Business Process Management

Olivia is a senior double majoring in Marketing and Business Process Management


Marketing Director

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 Rachel is a junior studying engineering at UIUC

Rachel is a junior studying engineering at UIUC

Rachel Tham

Academies Director

As an aspiring engineer and researcher, I would not have chosen STEM without significant help from mentors along the way. I joined MakerGirl to continue mentoring and encouraging young girls to pursue STEM. I hope that all youth, through MakerGirl and beyond, can learn to challenge themselves and curiously explore their individual creative potential through self-expression. One of my most memorable sessions was building a robot, and a young girl taught me how to program in Chinese-- MakerGirl continues to show me that there is always more to learn about and opportunities grow!

Deepika gudavalli

FInance Director

I was first drawn to MakerGirl by the phrase "3D printing". Once I had read those words, I knew it was something I wanted to be involved in. However, after joining, I saw what united MakerGirl was more than that. It was a team of people all passionate about bringing equal representation of girls in STEM. In MakerGirl, I am always inspired by everyone's hard work, dedication, and unique ideas. MakerGirl is a place where I am supported and encouraged to grow. It is a place where I am mentored, heard, and have the opportunity to give back through our sessions. I am able to watch our students faces light up as they bring their ideas into reality. And for me, that is the best part!